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The Great Game Of Britain

Fantastic at Christmas but popular all-year-'round, The Great Game Of Britain is a genius-creation packed-full of drama and entertainment.

This game is one that new players will find surprising. A board game based around rail travel doesn't instantly sound interesting to everyone but we've yet to come across anyone who doesn't end up loving this board game.

The Great Game of Britain Board Game has been around for a long time, but was out of print for several years. There have been several editions over the years, and they have improved with each new release. The game is easy to learn and fun to play for all ages. The combination of luck and skill evens the playing field, making it enjoyable for people with different skill levels to play together and have fun. It's easy to learn how to play this board game and can be played by adults and children alike on equal terms. For many families, Christmas and other holidays (or just the weekend!) wouldn't be complete without a few games of The Great Game of Britain.

The Great Game Of Britain - the board gameThe descriptions of the landmarks and historical information on the cards are interesting and educational but the information is not necessary to play or win the game. Everything is here to keep you and your family/friends entertained - a race around the board, the chance to stop others from succeeding (very enjoyable, until it happens to you) and even to pick who you most want to be nasty to - and then moments when everyone finds themselves in Scotland whether they want to be or not!

The Great Game of Britain is addictive and just one game is never enough - you can quite easily spend all evening playing 'just one more' game.

Decent instructions we found online follow: "The Great Game of Britain - the classic race game along Britain's historic railway network. Take six secret destination cards and take a trip around Britain. The first to travel to all six of their secret destinations is the winner - but watch out for hazards and station closures along the way." but see below for more complete instructions on how to play The Great Game Of Britain from the game's manufacturer, Ideal Games from John Adams.

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Facts, information & FAQ about The Great Game Of Britain for you to enjoy at home or on your travels.

Can I play The Great Game Of Britain online?

Sadly no, we haven't been able to locate an online version of The Great Game Of Britain but if one is ever created then we'll be certain to link to it here.

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The Great Game Of Britain instructions as explained on the official website at John Adams: "A nostalgic race around the historic railway networks of Britain. Choose your 6 secret destination cards and get ready for an exciting trip! The winner is the first person to commute from the main line station of their choice to their 6 secret destinations – so be sure to plan a very clever and careful trip around Britain."

The instructions continue: "Roll a 6 on the die and open or close a station of your choice, watch out for the hazards, every time you change a line you must pick one up, sending you exactly where you don't want to go! So stoke the engines boiler and get ready for a fast and furious race around Britain's railway networks. It's easy to play and great fun, time and time again."

Official The Great Game Of Britain UK website: The Great Game Of Britain @ Ideal Games from John Adams

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