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Get comfy and grab a cup of tea because this stuff is fascinating and you won't want to miss a thing. It's our all-dancing PRIVACY POLICY. Wooop!

Sarcasm aside for just one moment, your visit here is safe. We don't shove cookies onto your device and there's no membership/login required to access any part of Retro Board Games so we don't need ANY of your personal information. We have no plans, we assure you, to locate where you live and come steal your cat. It's just easier to buy one instead.

If you do get cookies whilst visiting our website, it'll be from Dublin-based who monitor our overall stats, ie. which country is sending us most visitors and what type of device (PC, mobile, etc.) is most commonly-used to access the site. It helps us with future decision-making to try to improve the site.

And that's the end of our awesome Privacy Policy. Share it with your friends.

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