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Have a dictionary at-the-ready! You just know someone is going to challenge your excellent-scoring word at some point. That's the nature of Scrabble, where your vocabulary and imagination combine to do linguistic battle with other players. And hope you get your hands on a 'U' if you happen to pick-out the 'Q' letter!

Scrabble is enormous fun and educational at the same time. Two to four players can get involved but we've known some players take-on the challenge solo, trying to beat their own personal scores. It's all good practice.

Scrabble - the board gameThere are various editions of Scrabble at differing prices so you can opt for what best suits your preference and budget. The quality is good and it's equally entertaining for adults and/or children. There's even a Star Wars edition if you like your word games futuristic-style. Scrabble fans must check-out Upwords - another word board game, on another level (five levels, to be precise).

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More about Scrabble

Play Scrabble - The classic retro word gameFacts, information & FAQ about Scrabble.

Who invented Scrabble?

American architect Alfred Mosher Butts (great name!) invented 'Scrabble', which is actually a real word meaning 'to scratch frantically'.

When was Scrabble invented?

Whilst the rest of the world was preparing to go to war in a big way, Mr Butts (still awesome) invented Scrabble back in 1938. If you're buying a new Scrabble game today, it'll be published by Mattel - unless you're in the US or Canada in which case the mighty Hasbro will be your game supplier. If you're wondering if Mattel is owned by Hasbro, surprisingly they're not - despite a failed attempt by Hasbro in 2017–2018 to acquire Mattel, which the latter squashed within a week. Hasbro missed their chance to own Scrabble outright when their now subsidiary company Parker Brothers rejected the game!

Can I play Scrabble online?

Scrabble online game at Apple App Store

Google Play Store for Android

PC/Switch/Game Boy/DS + more

How do I win at Scrabble?

Over at, they reckon that "There are more strategies and tricks to be great at scrabble than you may think." and - fortunately for us - have already devised a series of Scrabble tips and hints to help improve your word game. We also came across numerous YouTube videos offering Scrabble guidance and pearls of wisdom to enhance your scoring.

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