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Risk is a board game that EMBRACES your megalomaniac side and encourages you to attack and dominate other players' territories, countries and continents! All good, clean fun! If you want to mix your destruction with some theming then you can buy special editions of Risk including Peaky Blinders, The Lord Of The Rings, The Walking Dead and Warhammer. Whatever floats your (cannon-loaded) boat.

Wikipedia reckon Risk is a game of "diplomacy, conflict and conquest" but we don't remember much diplomacy from our gaming. Being massacred, yes. Risk's Official UK website (see below) is more realistic, describing itself as a game where you want to "Take over the world in this game of strategy conquest". Exactly!

Risk - the board gameRisk, subtitled 'The Game of Strategic Conquest', is definitely a retro board game with a long history (originally named, 'The Conquest of the World') and it's always been a hugely popular activity for millions of gamers. The chance to rule the world doesn't come your way very often (unless you're a politician) - Risk gives you that opportunity, with luck, skill and courage on your side!

With extremely good customer feedback and reviews, Risk's popularity with board gamers continues to soar. The high quality of the game (and even the box it arrives in!) has been frequently commented upon with one reviewer stating, "The game figures are meticulously crafted with impressive attention to detail.", which can only add to the atmosphere as you hopefully crush your opponent's defences. Take no prisoners! Incidentally, playing Risk also helps players to learn geography, countries and continents - useful knowledge that will remain long after playing!

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Risk - Troops ready for actionMore about Risk

Facts, information & FAQ about Risk for you to acquire.

Who invented Risk?

Risk was created by French film director, Albert Lamorisse, with the original game being released under the name of 'La Conquete du Monde' (The Conquest of the World). So not The Diplomacy of the World then, Wiki. Apparently, Albert's best known film-work is "the short film The Red Balloon (1956), which earned him the Palme d'Or Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival".

When was Risk invented?

Albert thought to himself, 'I want families to destroy each other via war, at Christmas!' (probably) and invented Risk when in his mid-thirties (definitely), back in 1957. The game was acquired just over a decade later by Parker Brothers in 1959 and released with new rules as 'Risk: The Continental Game' and later as 'Risk: The Game of Global Domination'. Not Diplomacy. Being a Parker Brothers game, Risk inevitably fell into the hands of present-day publisher Hasbro.

Can I play Risk online?

Risk online game at Apple App Store

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Nintendo Switch

How do I win at Risk?

Risk is a very popular war board game, played by millions around the world - naturally, people have already covered Risk's best playing strategies in some detail online. We're happy to let them do the heavy lifting with these Risk winning strategy tips over at 'Learn to control your opponent' is the opening snippet. Sounds exciting.

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