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The ultimate game of financially crushing your family & friends is as much fun to play today as when it was first created in 1903. The editions have evolved, player 'characters' have changed (did you get a boat? a car? a dog?) but the essentials of Monopoly remain the same. Obtain as much property as you can and get rich when your opponents land on your property. It can be a merciless game, especially if you're bankrupting your children at Monopoly and having a fantastic time doing it! Just tell them it's a 'lesson in finances'.

Monopoly - the board gameLike many of the most popular retro board games, Monopoly is still dominantly played in its classic edition but there are a lot of themed-versions for fanatics who want a twist to the game. There are more than 200 different 'local' versions of Monopoly where the properties differ to the standard game, which can make the playing experience more enjoyable and familiar. It's also been converted to more than a hundred different countries around the world so anyone can 'feel at home', snapping up their own local landmarks and posh areas. If you're a part-time rocker, there's a Metallica edition of Monopoly!

Far more than just a game of luck (though your dice rolls definitely play a part in your fortune), Monopoly can be learned easily and your game improved significantly by following a few tips. We won't spoil the fun here but if you're interested, we have below some Monopoly tips to help beat your gaming foes.

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Monopoly - The Lord of the Rings editionMore about Monopoly

Facts, information & FAQ about Monopoly for you to acquire.

Who invented Monopoly?

Monopoly the board game was invented by Elizabeth Magie, described at Wikipedia as 'an American game designer, writer and feminist'. Wiki explains: 'She invented The Landlord's Game, the precursor to Monopoly, to illustrate teachings of the progressive era economist Henry George.'

When was Monopoly invented?

Lizzie Magie invented Monopoly (though then named differently) way back in 1903 and patented the game the following year. Monopoly began as a self-published game in 1906. The Parker Brothers bought the game's copyrights from Lizzie Magie for $500. Hasbro acquired Parker Bros. and thus Monopoly in 1991.

Can I play Monopoly online?

Monopoly Online Family Fun Pack (Xbox One, Three Monopoly games for the price of one)

Monopoly online game at Apple App Store

Monopoly online slot gameThere are several official Monopoly free-play online slot games called Monopoly Big Event, Millionaire, Heights, Mega Match, Grand Hotel, Big Spin MegaDrop, Lunar New Year On The Money and many more including Monopoly Megaways all created by the Light & Wonder online gaming creators. No registration is required to play any of these games in demo mode. Real-money play on official Monopoly online games is available at 21Prive.

How do I win at Monopoly?

Monopoly might appear completely dependent on lucky dice rolls but that's far from the case - the way you play and your Monopoly strategy will play a huge part in determining if you bust-out early or win the game. You can see some Monopoly tips here. We reckon probably the best Monopoly advice we've seen and actually has worked nicely during our extensive play-testing (part of the job) is this: it's your first couple of turns around the board that are the MOST important, right from the start of the game. What you do or don't do on the opening two rounds will likely determine who is going to win, if just one player has a winning Monopoly strategy. The advice is this - buy everything. Don't worry about the utilities or stations if you're low on cash somehow - you shouldn't be but the utilities & stations won't play a part in your winning strategy. We repeat - on your early trips around the Monopoly board you should buy everything that you land on, even if another player already owns another same-colour property. You might need that as a bargaining chip later in the game.

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