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Mouse Trap

Our earliest memories of the Mouse Trap board game were watching TV advertisements and desperately wanting the game for Christmas. To us kids, the game looked awesomely exciting! Of course, those clever TV ads. tended to show the exciting 'end-of-game' action when the ball started rolling and the sequence-of-events eventually led to someone yelling 'Mouse Trap!' The half-hour required to set-up the game was conveniently omitted, as was a rather uninspiring board game that had to be played before you got to the brief, end-of-game action (which sometimes didn't work properly anyway!).

Like many retro board games, Mouse Trap has fortunately undergone a few changes and updates over the past few decades. The game is now 'Easy Set-Up' (according to Hasbro, the manufacturers of Mouse Trap) and the game itself more fun. It needed to be!

Mouse Trap - the retro board gameTwo to four players can play Mouse Trap and it's probably worth having in your games collection for home-parties, as well as enjoyment with the family. There's no denying it's a unique-game and the quality is good. Customer reviews for the latest edition of Mouse Trap are overwhelmingly positive, which speaks volumes. It's been described by purchasers as "an incredibly entertaining game that hooks you right from the start" and "Brilliant, classic game that hasn't aged at all. Perfect for the family."

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More about Mouse Trap

Facts, information & FAQ about Mouse Trap for you to catch and keep in your brain.

Who invented Mouse Trap?

The Mouse Trap board game was devised by two Chicago-based fellas by the names of Marvin Glass and Gordon Barlow.

When was Mouse Trap invented?

Mouse Trap board game in actionThe first patent for Mouse Trap was granted in 1967 but it seems to have been a few years before the game was published in 1963. Mouse Trap is published by Ideal Toy Company.

Can I play Mouse Trap online?

Mouse Trap online game at Apple App Store

Nintendo DS (retro game multi-pack including Cluedo)

Mouse Trap links & resources

Download Mouse Trap instructions - this is Hasbro's official link to download Mouse Trap's instructions but it failed for us. See if you do any better and we'll keep checking it. Expect more exciting developments about the validity of Mouse Trap's download instructions link, right here at!

Mouse Trap @ Wikipedia

Official Mouse Trap website: Mouse Trap @ Hasbro

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